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Beverly McChesney, bassoon
Wendell Hanna, bassoon
Mia Stormer-Gates, contra-bassoon

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Make your event really special. Invite some Schmatts to perform.

Moon Town Schmatts feature Mia and Beverly’s arrangements of memorable jazz, ballads and light rock songs written for bassoon ensemble and also includes arrangements of classical music by some of the worlds greatest composers. 


At your event, the Moon Town Schmatts will bring light-hearted enjoyment of familiar tunes for everyone. The Moon Town Schmatts special collection of Christmas music will be a delight for your holiday gatherings.

The Moon Town Schmatts have an elegant set of music for weddings that provides a very beautiful but unusual musical backdrop for your special day.

Included are poignant classical melodies for before the ceremony, traditional selections for the ceremony itself and a mix of contemporary, up-tempo and classical music for the reception. 

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Music Samples for Listening
Muppet Theme
Cantina Band, Williams
Day Tripper, Lennon/McCartney
Hokey Pokey
Joy To The World
Angels We Have Heard On High
Wedding March, Mendelssohn
When You Wish Upon A Star
A Shield About Me
Lord Be Glorified
Unto Thee O Lord
For a complete list of repertoire, contact McChamberMusic.


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Last Updated: January 2012